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There are several qualities that make successful hunting guides. A profound commitment to respect and conserve the animals and land their livelihoods depend on. Mastery of all the rules and regulations governing their hunts. Knowledge of the techniques that will provide safe and successful results for their guests. The ability to communicate, instruct and motivate their guests in a variety of stressful situations, and a commitment to insuring their clients receive the best level of services possible.

Your licensed professional guides are Ed Lamb and Richie Winters, both of whom have been guiding big game hunts since the inception of the Willow Creek Ranch .


For over 20 years Richie has been a professional guide throughout the state of Montana on both sides of the Continental Divide.


Richie specializes in archery elk hunting and is constantly developing his skill set every chance he gets; archery season is his passion. Richie is a natural teacher and coach who considers every detail critical to a safe and successful hunt.

















Ed Lamb

In addition to sharing Richie's passion for hunting, Ed is the Ranch Manager and his knowledge of the properties is unsurpassed. Ed is responsible for wildlife management on the property, always seeking new ways to improve the hunting experience while protecting its precious natural resources and incredible ambiance. 


When Ed's not guiding you'll see him adding more water tanks for the wildlife, replacing old fencing with new game friendly, state of the art flex fence, or directing sustainable grazing and planting schemes designed to manage the ranch to its maximum potential.



Dustin Homan


Being raised much of my life in Montana on top of being born in Monroe, WI; my life has always revolved around hunting and the outdoors.  Whether it was chasing rabbits and pheasants with my father, grandfather and shotguns or chasing elk in the high country, it’s what I have always done.  After permanently moving to Montana in 2006, elk hunting became a more serious passion.  After becoming successful in harvesting trophy bulls for myself, the passion then shifted to helping others become successful as well.  The path has taken me from guiding backcountry wilderness hunts in the Bob Marshall to where I am today working with Bull Basin Outfitters.  As the journey continues, I have come to appreciate the quarry more as well as the theme of Bull Basin Outfitters.  “It’s just as much about the process as it is the product.”  Very few areas in life still exist where a brotherhood can be formed in such a short amount of time.  It is a rare place to escape to.

When I am not guiding, my hands are busy in agriculture.  My wife and I run a full-time hay and beef operation based out of the Shields Valley.  We as a family stay busy but most importantly, we stay engaged in the outdoors year-round.  Other passions include long range shooting, varmint hunting, scouting new country, and spending time with my family,  Every year I look forward to meeting new friends and sharing what this great place has to offer.














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Our guides have produced videos filmed at Bull Basin Outfitters properties documenting the knowledge, experience, and superior hunting skill sets that make our guides at Bull Basin Outfitters the best in the Big Sky.



They live and breathe elk hunting. All of their spare time is spent hunting elk or preparing for the hunt!















Hunting with your Bull Basin Guides will allow you to experience the brotherhood and seamless cooperation that has contributed to their long-standing success, and will make your hunt the once in a lifetime, unforgettable experience you've postponed for too long.




Ed Lamb


Rich Winters



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