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By putting wildlife first and hunting second you end up with the perfect mix of high-quality animals and a rich thriving resource.  "Quality not Quantity" is our goal at Bull Basin Outfitters. Unlike most guided hunts that have 5-10 guests per week at a time. The perfect light hunt experience is totally different. With only two hunters per week. It creates an entirely different hunt experience that we believe is superior to most elk hunts offered in Montana. 


The Perfect Light Ranch is definitely one of the most diverse and beautiful properties in Montana. Within an hour’s drive of Bozeman, this end of the road property offers extreme privacy, live water, incredible views and diverse topography that seems as if it was built for big game hunting. Numerous springs, small streams, and ponds punctuate the property. A rolling terrain that is incredibly diverse has numerous valleys and literally creates a surprise around the next bend around every corner.

The ranch is surrounded by large blocks of private ownership that ensure quality, not quantity style hunting. Just like Willow Creek Ranch.  We only allow a limited number of hunters on The Perfect Light Ranch each season. Four archery hunters and a total of six rifle hunters in the 11 week Montana hunting season!


If you are interested in hunting with us on The Perfect Light Ranch. Please call and reserve your spot as soon as possible. This Hunt usually books out 1-2 years in advance.

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